K9 Fuels for Red Diesel (Gas Oil)

Red Diesel in Lincolnshire, South Humberside & Parts of Nottinghamshire & South Yorkshire

Being Lincolnshire based for over 20 years K9 understand that when the agricultural customer needs fuel, they usually need it now! K9 aim to offer keen prices & a rapid response; in many cases the fuel arriving just hours after the initial contact.

K9 will supply Red Diesel (Gas Oil) Kerosene & White Diesel to the farm at short notice. K9 understand the pressure on the agricultural industry & are committed to working with you.

Why not try our Gas Oil Additive - CLEARWINNER:
  • Clearwinner is suitable for all types of agricultural machinery
  • Adds lubricity. reducing wear on pumps & injectors
  • Counteracts diesel 'bug' growth
  • Uprates fuel cetane index, allowing for increased power output & improved cold starting
  • Protects injectors from potential damage caused by water droplets carried within the fuel
  • Disperses water (condensation) from fuel storage tanks

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