K9 Fuels for Home Heating Oil

Heating Oil in Lincolnshire, South Humberside & Parts of Nottinghamshire & South Yorkshire

Heating Oil for the home also known as Kerosene or 28 Second Heating Oil has been the backbone of the K9 business for over 20 years.K9 aim to offer the domestic heating oil customer not only highly competitive prices, but rapid delivery.

Our friendly team of drivers can make the tank top up process, quick & simple. To take the worry out of checking your tank, K9 can offer a regular top-up service. Please ask for details.

We also appreciate that Heating Oil for the home is one of the biggest single payments many householders make in a year. K9 understand the strain this can put on some household budgets & aim to offer numerous ways to pay. Click here for payment options.

Why not try our heating additive - 'PUREBURN':
  • Pureburn is suitable for range cookers & conventional oil fired burners
  • Helps to reduce the build-up of soot, carbon & other deposits
  • Creates a cleaner 'burn' & improved heat output
  • Stabilises fuel & counteracts degradation
  • Helps to keep boilers servicing costs to a minimum
Small 4 Wheeler Tanker
    We also have a smaller tanker available for those awkward hard to access places.

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